Stupid question about compiling NAMD with cygwin on windows

From: accomp lin (
Date: Thu Dec 25 2008 - 21:19:50 CST

Dear all
I'm quite new to compiling charm and namd, so just followed the instructions on the Release Note to compile NAMD 2.6 on windows xp with cygwin.
When I typed "./build charm++ net-cygwin" and I got this"
Generating net-cygwin/tmp/conv-mach-opt.h,
Performing 'make charm++ OPTS=' in net-cygwin/tmp
./build: line 460: make: command not found
Charm++ NOT BUILT. Either cd into net-cygwin/tmp and try..."
and the line 460 in the build file is "
So, what's my problem? Do I have to install VC++ to solve it?
Please help, thanks
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