CG Name Prefix Problem

From: Anirban Ghosh (
Date: Fri Oct 24 2008 - 00:24:58 CDT


I want to build a CG model for a virus particle consisting of 70 chains.
The VMD CGTools plugin is unable to generate a Shape Based CG model if I
upload the entire PDB file at once. So I divided the file into 70 parts
according to the chains. Now when I need to specify a "CG Prefix Name"
which should be a single character one in the CGTools plugin. I cannot
give numerals as they will become 2 characters after 9 and also there are
only 26 alphabets! So how should I differentiate between the chains and
what should I give in the CG Prefix Name for the individual chains? Please


Anirban Ghosh
Grade Based Engineer
Bioinformatics Team
Scientific & Engineering Computing Group
Centre for Development of Advanced Computing
Pune, India

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