Re: vmd-l: TXT program editor

From: Sabuj Pattanayek (
Date: Thu Aug 28 2008 - 17:03:11 CDT

> In brief, my question is: does someone know a program that is
> specialized in editing TXT files? or does someone has made a program
> specialized for this issue?
> Also, if someone knows a better way to edit large amounts of text please
> let me know.

Any modern programming language e.g. perl, python, ruby, c++, c, yes vb
too probably, shell scripting, as well as good editors such as vim or
emacs will allow you to do this. It really depends on how exactly you're
editing your files and what you're trying to accomplish. Some more
details would be helpful, perhaps there are even programs out there that
will do what you want but you gave us no details.

.Sabuj Pattanayek

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