How to run namd2 on ubuntu linux?

From: Hero (
Date: Sat Apr 26 2008 - 14:45:01 CDT

Dear All,

I just installed NAMD binary on my Ubuntu linux 2.6. But I met problems again when I was trying
the following:

jcheng:~/NAMD_2.6_Linux-i686> ./namd2
./namd2: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

jcheng:~/NAMD_2.6_Linux-i686> ./charmd
Logfile for Windows Spawner Daemon for Converse programs
Run starting: Sat Apr 26 12:40:08 2008

Listening for requests on port 12396

Could you please tell me what is wrong?

Thank you very much!


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