Multiple Different Harmonic Restraint Defitions

From: Joshua Adelman (
Date: Thu Apr 17 2008 - 20:13:23 CDT

I was wondering if anyone has any clever tricks that would allow you
to set different values of selectConstrX, selectConstrY,
selectConstrZ for different groups of atoms?

I want to be able to restrain one group of atoms at a particular
point, another to a particular value on the x-axis and then a third
in the xy-plane. I'm guessing this is not feasible given the current
NAMD implementation, but thought maybe someone has a fix, besides
writing a tclForces script.

Thanks in advance,

Joshua L. Adelman
Biophysics Graduate Group Lab: 510.643.2159
218 Wellman Hall Fax: 510.642.7428
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720 USA

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