RE: Running NAMD at TACC (Ranger)

From: Richard Swenson (
Date: Thu Apr 03 2008 - 18:09:22 CDT

Jim, Namd list,

I have not yet had namd hang as Jim has experienced (I have only ran about
10 test runs, and most run great), but I have had other problems with namd
on ranger. I am using the binary found in
~tg455591/Linux-amd64-MVAPICH-icc/namd2, but wrote my own runscript (see
below). I have a 2.1 million atom system (restarted from a 64ns+ long
trajectory) that runs fine up to 1024 procs, but gives me a memory error
when I try to up the proc count to 2048. I get a "FATAL ERROR: Memory
allocation failed on processor 0" during phase 3. From what I can tell from
previous posts, this problem could be caused by a lack of memory, but the
fact that this system has no problem on fewer nodes makes me doubt this


IBRUN=`which ibrun`

module unload mvapich2
module unload mvapich
module swap pgi intel
module load mvapich


submit script:

qsub << ENDINPUT
#\$ -S /bin/bash
#\$ -V
#\$ -pe 16way 2048
#\$ -l_rt=24:00:00
#\$ -q normal
#\$ -M myemail
#\$ -m abe
#\$ -N Ranger_2048
#\$ -cwd
#\$ -j y

./ config.namd log.log


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> Subject: namd-l: Running NAMD at TACC (Ranger)
> Hi,
> I am trying to run namd on the new Ranger cluster at TACC. I am using
> the script from the namd wiki that is listed here (~tg455591/
> NAMD_scripts/runbatch) to submit my jobs.
> I frequently am getting the following message in my log file:
> TACC: Starting up job 57208
> TACC: Setting up parallel environment for MVAPICH-1 mpirun.
> TACC: Setup complete. Running job script.
> TACC: starting parallel tasks...
> and then the system just hangs and the job doesn't run. There doesn't
> appear to be any rhyme or reason for why this happens as far as I can
> tell. I have tried to run with up to 30 nodes but as few as 10 or 15.
> Have other people had good luck with namd on Ranger? Any help would
> be appreciated.
> thanks,
> Jim

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