NAMD 2.6 dcd and breaking XPLOR

From: Neema Salimi (
Date: Thu Feb 07 2008 - 17:15:10 CST

Did NAMD 2.6 break dcd files for reading into XPLOR? I use XPLOR to
do a few things, like extract PDBs from NAMD's binary dcd files. I
recently switched to 2.6, and now XPLOR complains that there's no
coordinate sets inside the dcd file. My guess is that is has
something to how the frames are indexed, but I haven't been able to
work it out just yet. And yes, my simulations are running fine, I
can convert binary coordinate restart files and the energy outputs
look normal. Thanks.

Neema Salimi

University of California-San Francisco
Graduate Group in Biophysics
Agard Lab
Lab Phone: (415) 476-5143

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