Simple TCL (Forces) question - defining bond vector

From: Jim Pfaendtner (
Date: Thu Dec 06 2007 - 09:33:59 CST

Dear NAMD-L,

I am trying easily to define a vector between two atoms inside of a
TCL forces script. Taking a cue from the tutorial I have written this:

.. intro stuff defining aid1 and aid2 ...

   addatom $aid1
   addatom $aid2
   proc calcforces {} {

     global aid1 aid2 k
     loadcoords p
     set bond [getbond $p($aid1) $p($aid2)]

     set bond2 [please help me here :) ]
     addenergy [expr $k*$bond*$bond]
     set force [vecscale [expr -$k*2] $bond2]
     addforce $aid1 $force
     addforce $aid2 $force

I know that bond2 needs to be a vector that is simply equal to:
$p($aid1) - $p($aid2) but I can't get the syntax right and I struck
out searching.

Could someone please suggest the correct syntax for defining a new
vector as the difference of two other vectors?

Thanks very much,

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