Building NAMD with Myrinet MX

From: Warner Yuen (
Date: Wed Aug 15 2007 - 15:59:24 CDT


I'm trying to build NAMD to use my Myrinet fabric. When I build charm+
+ with Myrinet MX, (not using MPI), things seem to run. My question
is, how can I be sure that it is using the Myrinet fabric? If I turn
off the Myrinet fabric drivers, the charm and NAMD tests still work.
Does NAMD or charm++ default to using my ethernet fabric if the
Myrinet fabric is unavailable? Any thoughts would be greatly

I'm just building the following:

./build charm++ net-darwin-x86 mx

Here is my file:

#default mx dir
#guess where the myriexpress.h is installed
if test -z "$CMK_INCDIR"
   if test -f /opt/mx10g/include/myriexpress.h
   elif test -f /opt/mx10g/include/myriexpress.h
     echo "Please specify path to mx installation in!"
     exit 1

CMK_LIBS="$CMK_LIBS -lmyriexpress"

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