NAMD Installation - SUSE Linux 9.1 on IBM X Series 335

From: Deepangi Pandit (
Date: Wed Jul 18 2007 - 13:20:19 CDT

I want to install NAMD 2.6 on 8676-61X IBM eServer xSeries335 with 2
Intel Xeon™ DP; Cache Size 512 KB; 2.4 GHz and RAM of 512 MB. It is
running SUSE Linux 9.1. I looked at the NAMD linux versions below but
nothing is listed for IBM eServer xSeries335. Could you please let me
know which NAMD version will be applicable in this case or will I have
to compile NAMD from scratch.

I did search the namd list for the same but I did not find anything
with respect to 8676-61X IBM eServer xSeries 335.

Options listed on the website:

Linux-amd64 (Opteron, Athlon64, Intel EMT64)
Linux-amd64-TCP (TCP may be better on gigabit)
Linux-amd64-Clustermatic5-TCP (Clustermatic 5)
Linux-i686-TCP (TCP may be better on gigabit)
Linux-i686-Clustermatic4 (Clustermatic 4 or 5)
Linux-i686-Clustermatic4-TCP (TCP may be better on gigabit)
Linux-i686-Scyld29 (Scyld Beowulf 29)
Linux-i686-Scyld29-TCP (TCP may be better on gigabit)
Linux-ia64 (Itanium)
Linux-ia64-MPT (SGI Altix)

Thank you!

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