charmrun simulations over macpros

Date: Fri Jun 15 2007 - 13:07:02 CDT

Hey all,

I was able to set up two mac pros (4 cores each) to run some
simulations. I have gigabit Ethernet between connected through a
CAT5e crossover cable. I was able to run simulation on all 8 cores
but after some benchmarking, i found that a simulation in a single
machine (4 processors) is much faster that a simulation on the two
machines (8 processors). I looked more into it and i found that when
running the simulation, i am only using upto 66% of each processor. I
was wondering if there is any way to tell the computers to allocate as
much of the processors into the simulation instead of just the 66%. I
was also wondering if the ethernet is the limiting factor into these
simulations? If it is, would a cat6 crossover cable improve the
performance of the simulation?
Also i tried to run a simulation where both computers were logged off
the accounts instead when some1 is logged on. The logging off made
the simulation a little faster.

anyone have any ideas?


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