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Date: Wed Apr 25 2007 - 13:13:25 CDT

It can happen that the protein drifts towards one side of the box. This is
usually not a problem. The part of the protein outside the box is not in a
vacuum because the water box is replicated at infinity in all three space
directions. In fact, you will see a "hole" in the water at the other side
of the box.

The protein will be wrapped around once the geometric (or mass?) center
will have passed the box limit.


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> Hi all,
> I am doing an NVE run with PBConditions where i observe my protein
> drifting towards one side of box and some portion is already out. I
> am using "wrapall ON" option. Can someone suggest how can i see the
> part of protein going outsidebox which will reenter from other end?
> Is it bad if it drifts to one side? Any suggestion will do great.
> regards
> Harish
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