corrupt dcd file >2GB on PowerPc

From: George Madalin Giambasu (
Date: Wed Oct 18 2006 - 10:09:48 CDT

Hello, namd users!

I encountered the same problem like the one posted on
In short I've generated a DCD file >2GB and now I am unable to process
it with either vmd, catdcd, ptraj, vega(I got the same errors posted on
the prevoius link). It was suggested that the file is corrupt and there
is no hope about it.

My question is, still, if there is any way to reccuperate any
information from this file? I opened the file with hexedit, tried to
copy and paste the first part of the file into other, but I get the same
errors like before. Any other ideas?

the binary I use is NAMD_2.6b1_AIX-POWER-MPI on PowerPC with AIX 5.2.

thank you in advance for any help,


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