How to turn off electrostatic interactions (PME).

From: Maxim Fedorov (
Date: Wed May 17 2006 - 15:58:07 CDT

 Maxim Fedorov wrote:
 Dear all,

 Does anybody know how to turn off electrostatic interactions (PME)
 between two NONBONDED groups keeping the short-range van-der-waals
 terms unchanged.

 So, the question is: I have two atomic groups (two different
molecules) and I
 would like to switch off ONLY the electrostatic interactions
betweent them during
 MD run.
 To avoid any overlapping between these groups I would like to keep
 short range nonbonded interactions between them.
 And I don't want to change the nonbonded interactions of these groups
 with other groups (water molecules, f.e.).
 If I would use the cut-off it wouldn't be a problem (I'd cut the e-
 interactions on the VDW distance) . But I am using the PME, and it is
 not so clear for me how to do such 'selective' switching in that case.

 Thank you in advance,

 Maxim V. Fedorov,

 Research Associate.

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