change in Disulphide Patches

From: Navratna Vajpai (
Date: Mon May 08 2006 - 03:05:28 CDT

Dear Namd Users..
This is in regard to the change in the disulphide patch in the
psfgen. I have three disulphide bonds in the protein. Now i want to
run the NAMD trajectory to see the changes in the protein
conformations if the disulphide linkages are change. I tried them
using PATCH command in the psfgen in NAMD. But it didn't worked out.
rather i am getting the same linkages as present before. Probably one
can do it by making changes in the psf file but i hope that there
should be more intelligent way to do it in psfgen.
Does anyone has better suggestion?
Thanks in advance.
Best regards

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