namd 6-1- abf

From: michael atkinson (
Date: Mon Aug 15 2005 - 01:38:36 CDT

I saw in the new released version of NAMD, there exists a new facility called ABF in lib file. Has anybody work with that and know how to prepare the input files to build a model with that and what is the specific charactristics of this facility?
As I studied the user guide for that, I tried to add a command "source lib/abf/abf.tcl in my configuration file, but I got the error " setting parameter tclforces from script failed".
I think that something is missing for doing the simulation using this facility or it is required to consider specific preparation to do so.
If anybody has information about that I will be very thankful for instructing me and if making any model, I 'll appreciate giving the missing or necessary files for that.
Thank you very much

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