Re: compiling Namd on amd64

From: olivier Walker (
Date: Thu Mar 10 2005 - 11:55:03 CST

Brian Bennion wrote:

>Hello Olivier
>If you need to compile namd then you should download the source files from
>the CVS repository. There have been many improvements since namd2.5 was
>You should also get the source for fftw, tcl, and the plugins and compile
>those for your machine. ia64 is for intel itaninium processors not athlon
>opterons. So no suprise in that error.
>Finally, if you are compiling namd, have you already compiled charm++?
>Did it go smoothly?
>On Thu, 10 Mar 2005, olivier Walker wrote:
>>I tried to compile Namd on athlon64 processor following the "notes.txt"
>>file. From the sources I dowloaded, I adde a Linux-amd64.plugin file (it
>>was originaly missing). Then I wanted to download the corresponding
>>binaries for fftw, tcl and plugin but there is nothing dedicated to
>>amd64. Anyway, I tried with the ia64 version but during compilation it
>>complains with "the selected processor doesn't suport x86-64 instructions".
>>My question is the following: what kind of bnaries (fftw, tcl and
>>plugins) can I download to compile namd correctly?
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Hi Brian,

Well, I first tried to compile charm++ (Athlon64 running Fedora core3)
but I got a bunch of errors like:

At global scope:
erreur: « _GLIBCXX_NUM_CATEGORIES » not declared
erreur: « _Atomic_word » is not a type
erreur: « __c_locale » is not a type
erreur: « __c_locale » not declared
erreur: « __c_locale » not declared
erreur: « __c_locale » is not a type
erreur: « __c_locale » not declared

then I decided to download the charm++ binaries for amd64 from here,
but then my problem was to find a suitable tcl, plugin and fftw for
amd64 from here :

and the Namd source from here :

I really don't know if I went to the right url.


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