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From: Rudra Banerjee (
Date: Thu Oct 02 2008 - 23:03:30 CDT

dear friends,
this might be an idiotic question but i have tried a lot and failed to get a result (so please dnt scold on me). Below is the representation of the molecule i am working on.
                       HE1 H1 H4
                         | | |
       HA2 HD1 CE1 C1 C4 H5 H83
          | | // \ / \\/ \\/ |
HA1-C10 CD1 CZ C2 C5 C8-H82
       / \ | || | | | \
    HA3 N2-CG CE2 C3 C6----N1 H81
            / \\ / \ //\ // \
  HB1-C11 CD2 N C7 C9-H93
         / \ | | / \
      HB2 HB3 HD2 H7 H91 H92

Having very little knowledge on organic chemistry, I am not getting what type of atom is the N2,C10,C11 AND CG (and similarly C6,N1,C8,C9).
actually it is a non std. molecule and i have generated the topology file which is working fine until it needs the data from CFF parameter file to calculate the bond energy. So i need to know the correct type for those group as said .
Is there anyone who could help me?

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