Re: Can I use "vecnorm" in the tclforce scripts?

From: Alexander A. Vakhrushev (
Date: Thu Sep 18 2008 - 09:29:43 CDT

As written in NAMD User Guide at

"Several vector routines (vecadd, vecsub, vecscale) from the VMD Tcl
interface are defined. Please refer to VMD manual for their usage"

It's not complicate to code your own "veclen" function, since it is in

2008/9/18, Ming <>:
> Dear all,
> Can I use the "vecnorm", "vecdot" or "veclength" in the tcl force scripts? I
> always find the system complains about the using of these routines. To me
> experence, only do the "vecadd, vecsub and vecscale" works in the tcl force
> scripts. Am I right? Any comments? Thanks!
> Best regards,
> Ming

Best regards,
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