Unable to edit files in NAMD folder.

From: Diego Alejandro Vargas (vardiego9_at_gmail.com)
Date: Tue May 20 2008 - 23:39:51 CDT

Hi all,
I am trying to run NAMD on a Linux AMD64 cluster with Rocks. I've had
trouble setting the nodelist file with the list of machines. For some reason
I was able to create the file, but when I tried to edit it later it does not
allow me. It does not allow me to remove or create any files in this folder.
Any idea of what may be the problem?

Once I enter the text editor (vi or vim) and select "i" (insert) it shows
the error E325: After hitting return it allows me to edit. Once I try and
write ':w' it displays E45 (readonly option is set). Once I use ':w!' as
indicated, it displays E212 (cannot open file for writing).

Thanks you for your help,

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