Re: AMD Multicore + CUDA Benchmarks, are them ok ?

From: Nicholas M Glykos (
Date: Thu May 05 2011 - 04:31:52 CDT

Hi Dave,

> 12 CPU core + 4 GPU : 0,34 days/ns

For the same test (apoa1), we get 0.29 days/ns from an i7 (four cores)
plus a single GTX295 card, so I would suspect that there is space for
improvement with your hardware. FYI, we perform the cuda run with
something like /usr/local/namd_cuda/charmrun ++local \
/usr/local/namd_cuda/namd2 +p4 +idlepoll +noAnytimeMigration \
+setcpuaffinity +LBSameCpus something.conf


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