How can I move an atom by 10nm with a step of 0.1nm

From: Shahid Qamar (
Date: Mon Oct 04 2004 - 17:22:36 CDT

Situation: Lignad-Receptor Molecule
Ligand has an atom O
Receptor has an atom C
O is fixed and want to move C by 0.1nm and then keep its positon fix and
then minimize the system
Then move C by 0.1 step and keep the distance between O and C fixed and
minimize the system
Then keep going till a desired separation between C and O is attained.
Question: Is there any way that I can write tcl script that can move the C
by 0.1 nm and then keep the distance fix?
I know i can move any atom by mouse but that could give me more or less than
0.1 separation.
Any idea???
Thanks in advance for the help

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