The Theoretical and Computational Biophysics Group is pleased to announce the availability of the Bionanontechnology Tutorial. This tutorial is designed to guide users of VMD and NAMD in all the steps required to set up a molecular dynamics simulation of a bionanotechnology device. The first unit of the tutorial begins by teaching the user how to build a model of a synthetic device from a crystal unit cell and ends with an ionic current simulation through a nanoscale pore in a synthetic membrane. The second unit guides readers through combining a biomolecule with a synthetic membrane and simulating the resulting system.

The tutorial consists of a text (in pdf format) and files used in the tutorial, available below:

Bionanotechnology Tutorial (pdf, 2.9M) (required tutorial files [.tar.gz, 189M], individual files)

Please note that the tutorial does assume a working knowledge of both VMD and NAMD. Tutorials for each of these software programs are available on the TCBG Tutorials page.